Sunday, 2 October 2011

Caterham Academy 2012 - Build (Day 3)

Today was all about finishing off the steering, front suspension and brakes. I spent the first hour or so checking over the jobs I had done the day before and making sure that I had torqued all of the crucial bolts up correctly. It was a good job I did check because I found I had missed a spring washer from the top damper mount. I am not sure how crucial it is, but feel better for checking, even if it did take me 30 mins or so to take the damper off and put it back on again.

Once satisfied that everything was OK from yesterday, I went on to fit the ant-roll bar, front callipers, brake lines and then sort out the front lights and indicators. I was hoping to then get the gearbox mounted to the engine, but discovered that I don't have the CRB or mounting kit for the bellhousing, which is irritating. I will phone Caterham first thing in the morning and sort out delivery, which will also give me time to locate an engine hoist.

It feels good to have the majority of the front of the car sorted and it felt like quite a productive day, even if I did spend an hour or so searching for parts that ultimately weren’t there! Still, I am now looking forward to moving onto the engine and gearbox and may make a start on the rear suspension whilst I wait for the other parts to arrive.

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